The word “Motswako” comes from the Sesotho speaking people
of South Africa. It is a word synonymous with the combination or blending of items and ideas which often results in cutting edge innovations. The same can be said about Motswako Media.
Motswako Media is a 100% black owned media sales and promotions enterprise that specialises in community radio sales. With more than
50 collective years of experience in broadcasting, marketing and media industries, as well as 11 years of experience in public sector community radio placement, Motswako Media is affirmatively positioned amongst South Africa’s media giants.

Motswako Media is a division of Media Village Holdings and boasts
a wide range of local clients.  We pride ourselves in our unrivalled ability to execute creative campaigns using the combination of activations, branding and radio broadcasting. Our ability to reach a wide target audience ranging from informal to urban to rural, will ensure that you, as our client will get full value for every Rand spent.

At Motswako Media, excellence in media sales is our guarantee!